Aquilini Brands Becomes Aquilini Beverage Group in Move for Beverage Industry Leadership

Name change reflects ABG’s growth into new beverage categories, including creation of innovation lab for research and development of new drinks concepts.

Vancouver, BC, Canada — Aquilini Brands today announced the formal name acquisition of their DBA to “Aquilini Beverage Group,” (ABG) effective May 1st, 2021. This latest move falls on the heels of the recent successful launch of Beautiful Drinks Co. (BDC), a contemporary line of sparkling, spirit-based ready-to-drink cocktails featuring distillates and botanical extracts.

“We believe this change more accurately reflects who we are as a company in both Canada and the US, and soon overseas,” said ABG CEO Robert T. Chin. “We are growing at a record pace, and always looking for new ways to captivate consumers with compelling beverage concepts, including our category-changing ready-to-drink beverages, a portfolio of successful wine brands primarily from Washington State, and soon spirits.”

Aquilini Brands was originally created in 2012 primarily for RTD brands in Canada and a small portfolio of premium wines. This formal name change reflects a broader growth strategy for Aquilini Beverage Group that encompasses its current and aspirational business identity. In addition to marketing and selling a diverse portfolio of wine, RTDs, and, ultimately, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages, ABG has the unique privilege of being able to say every single item it has launched over the past two years has won notable industry awards. Every single wine has scored a 90pt or above and all of its RTD products launched in 2021 have won awards.

“Our business has evolved since our early days, and we now have plans far beyond wine and RTDs” continued Chin. “From on-trend, market-driven beverage concepts, to smart content and partnerships, to new ways of engaging the consumer, we are shooting for the stars.”

About Aquilini Beverage Group

Aquilini Beverage Group is a leading North American beverage producer with a portfolio of wine brands, ready-to-drink beverages and an innovation lab dedicated to the research and development of new and unique products. Aquilini Beverage Group is a subsidiary of the global conglomerate Aquilini Investment Group, which comprises a diversified portfolio of additional businesses spanning real estate, sports and entertainment. For more information about other Aquilini Beverage Group’s portfolios, visit: