Fine Wine Brands

The Aquilini family had achieved more than they ever thought possible, however they still had one great purpose left to pursue. With farming in their blood and a lifelong passion for fine wine, their next venture was decided. We are thrilled to bring you a distinct collection of wines from the heart of Washington State.

At Aquilini Beverage Group we cultivate our grapes with meticulous attention to detail, whether it be in the Red Mountain AVA, or the more recently acquired Columbia Valley and Horse Heaven Hills AVAs. We craft our wines with this same vigilance, we have released seven brands to date and received over forty 90pt+ scores. The Aquilini vision is to express the best of Washington State through an unwavering commitment to quality.

Aquilini Wines

Nurtured by hand and designed exclusively with Red Mountain fruit, our eponymous family of wines are the extraordinary product of old world craft and new world science.


Our Nonno came to North America in 1956 from a small farm in Northern Italy. His dream was to build a new future with the love of his life, our Nonna.  Over 60 years and 2 generations later, that dream has become a reality. A56 pays homage to his unwavering commitment to our family and business.

Già Bella

Sparkling wine is often synonymous with celebration, though it’s becoming the wine of choice to be shared on any occasion. It’s more than milestones, anniversaries, or the dawn of a new year. What if we took the time to celebrate the smaller moments in life, those that are already beautiful?

10,000 Hours Wines

Countless hours of focus, dedication and craftsmanship are combined with the finest Red Mountain grapes to produce these sophisticated and delicious red wines.

Chasing Rain Wines

These elegant wines reflect the ideal climate of Red Mountain, where scant rainfall is controlled by our winemakers to blend red wines that are vibrant and delicious.

Dixie & Bass Wines

Our winemakers design great wines for enjoying and playful Dixie & Bass wines are the embodiment of that spirit—sophisticated enough for special occasions but too delicious to pass up now.

Be Human Wines

This family of luscious wines covers the spectrum from light, crisp and fruity to bold, rich and intensely aromatic.. because being human means one size need not fit all.

Roaming Dog Wines

Roaming Dog Wines are the perfect companion for any occasion or meal — crafted with esteemed Columbia Valley grapes — they’re easy going with just the right notes of fruit.